"I wasn't sure if a saffron extract would work for me. But Saffron Extract Premium reduced my hunger cravings* and now I am eating much less than I used to!" - Mary S.

  • 100% Pure - 200mgs All Natural Saffron Extract with No Fillers, Binders or Extra Ingredients

  • 100% All Natural Saffron Extract

    Saffron Premium™ was created to meet the growing demands of consumers for a high quality, premiumsaffron supplement at the best price possible. It is the strongest, most potent saffron product on the market hands down.*


Read about the famous clinical Study done on Saffron.*

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If you are not completely satisfied with the results of Saffron Premium™ , we will give you your money back! So, feel confident that you will lose weight, or your money back!*

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What is Saffron & How Does it Work?

Only a Quality Saffron Extract Will Help You Lose Weight.*

Premium Saffron EXtractOK, first things first - It's important to understand that not all Saffron Extract products are created equal. Only a high quality saffron extract is going to get you the weight loss results you are looking for.* And to be more specific, it must be 100% pure (not synthetic) and have at least 200mg's per serving of pure saffron extract with no fillers, binders or added ingredients. (That's 400mg a day)

Why Saffron to curve your hunger? Well, not only did the world's most famous TV doctor call it the "The New Miracle Appetite Suppressant to Kill Your Hunger" but it was also found to decrease appetite by 84%* in a recent clinical study published in Nutrition Research. For more information on that study, click here.

Assuming that we're talking about a high quality saffron extract, what is it and how does it work? Saffron is the worlds most expensive spice and holds the KEY to appetite reduction and weight loss. Saffron Extract is clinically proven to reduce hunger cravings, snacking, and enhance feelings of fullness.*

What is the Key to Losing Weight with Saffron Extract?*

Saffron Extract is the #1 Appetite Suppressant.* The Key to losing weight with Saffron is its ability to stop hunger cravings and emotional eating.* If you can control the amount you eat, you can be in more control of your weight.*

Studies on saffron extract have shown the neurological process taking place in the brain of a person addictive to drugs, is the same to the person with a compulsive eating disorder. The studies have lead doctors and weigh experts to practice neurological interventions to help their patients control appetite and help control food addictions.*

Saffron Helps Reduce "Snack Attacks" and Emotional Eating*

Most overweight people have a problem with over-eating. They have a hard time controlling their hunger and eating when they shouldn't be. Many people find the urge to eat so strong that they eat when and where they want to the point where it causes weight gain. Every time you eat high amounts of carbohydrates and sugar it puts stress on the body triggering an insulin spike, which decreases blood sugar levels and causes us to crave more food.*

So, the point is that if you can control these hunger cravings & emotional eating, then you should be able to stop the cycle, control your weight and lose fat*.

Saffron helps you to burn unwanted fat and calories by increasing the production of serotonin and thus suppressing your appetite. Saffron is the ultimate tool to burn body fat.*

What's the Science Behind Saffron Extract?

And Does it Really Work?

How Saffron Extract WorksNatural saffron extracts are safe to take and have been proven effective in clinical studies.* The problem is when manufacturers attempt to put out an inferior product and reduce its effectiveness. Synthetically grown saffron in a lab and low amounts of saffron extract in a product will essentially make a saffron product ineffective.*

Saffron Extract has been tested in two randomized, double-blind clinical studies with breakthrough results.* The most famous of these studies, published in Nutrition Research and showed that 100% of the women who took the supplement had a decreased food intake. And these women showed a decrease of appetite of 84%.* Details can be found on our clinical study page.

This study showed saffron to cut hunger cravings by increasing the production of serotonin, which is transmitted as an electrical signal to the brain.* Sending serotonin electrical signals to the brain, keeps the neurotransmitters levels of serotonin elevated, for longer periods of time helping users overcome depression and stay away from emotional eating which, is a popular problem that causes people to over eat.*

Saffron is the ultimate tool to help you lose weight.* Its been all over the news for a reason. But make sure you only buy a premium saffron extract that will actually help you to lose weight and not just some powder in a pill.