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  • 100% All Natural Saffron Extract

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Read about the famous clinical Study done on Saffron.*

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Study: "Anti-Obese Action of Saffron Extract*"

Summary of the Clinical Study

After being mentioned on the world's most famous TV doctor's show, the sales of Saffron Extract have gone through the roof. This is in part due to the clinical study that was mentioned on his show. To be clear, he does not endorse any specific Saffron Extract product, but this study was mentioned and he does give specific guidelines.

Saffron Extracts have been all over the media and in published studies. The most famous clinical study, published in Nutrition Research Journal, showed that 100% of the women who took the supplement had a decreased food intake.* And that these women showed a decrease of appetite of 84%!* You can read the full research document on this clinical study by clicking here.*

The History and Facts Behind the Clinical Study

The clinical study was published in the Nutrition Research journal and focussed on 60 healthy, overweight women. Researchers designed the study to assess whether a saffron extract isolated from the saffron plant can reduce snacking behavior and result in weight loss.

It was a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel group study consisting of 60 healthy, mildly overweight women. Participants were between the ages of 25 to 45 and divided into two groups. The average weight of each woman was approximately 162 pounds. Twice daily during an 8-week period, one group was given a Satiereal extract supplement and the other group an identical appearing placebo.

The Results of the Famous Clinical Study

The results found that participants taking the saffron extract had a significant reduction in snacking behavior by inducing feelings of satiation. By the end of the 8th week, the Satiereal group participants were snacking about half as much as they had at the beginning of the study. 100% of the women who took the supplement had a decreased food intake. On average the participants showed an 84% decrease in appetite.

In summary, it was determined that Saffron Extract does in fact reduce hunger and snacking frequency. The results revealed that the addition of Saffron Extract can help reverse the weight gain induced by the high-fat diet buy curving your appetite and stopping hunger attacks.*

*Results of this study may not be an implication of future results.

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